The Ballad of The Great Ship Genesis

20 Jun

The Genesis is a marvelous Ship to a new life…

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A lousy bunch of drunken sailors, shamefully discharged, 

For mutiny unforgivably deranged,

But The Genesis welcomes any beaten loser to the barge,

Even pirates, lost to liquor, that they say will never change,

And as one after the other swims for bottom without care,

How faithfully we’ll go to follow them down,

And when they hit the bottom & they can hardly fight for air

The Genesis will pull them up, just before they drown,


I’ve known The Genesis to make miracles of any hopeless crew

And ask for nothing but your willingness to see,

It’s said that “our ship doesn’t harm you, but helps make good men out of you”,

So climb aboard the Genesis, we’ll sail away…and we’ll be free…


We let ‘em know “there’s no where else to go and nothing left to take

And there ‘ain’t another vessel due to come,

So let’s batten…

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