Albion Moonlight and the Sea of Troubles

22 Jun

#Albion #Moonlight & the Sea of Troubles, lyrics a #drunk or #addict may relate to, #willing via @GenesisSobriety

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Albion is a precious being, prescient and prone to seeing

everybody’s deepest  inner fears.

sometimes he gets too tired to take it, swallows anything to make it easier to live

through all the tears… and nervous laughter. 

born to love the fountain pen, ridiculed by other men,

turns his anger all onto himself, with deadly skill.

and though he knows no true escape can come from any grain or grape,

he can’t resist the potions we distill,

it’s  like trying to roll a millstone up a hill,

it’s like trying to roll a millstone up a hill….


 at twenty, with his brave ambition, set upon his chosen mission;

writing down in stories all he saw. 

loving people, so completely, finding girls who’d so discretely

monitor his drink, ‘til he’d withdraw into his own time. 

for several years he struggled there, preparing his electric chair

and all of these distractions…

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