Again And Again

4 Oct

I’ll let you bury me in the soft and secret earth

and I will come to rise again in a bright and brand new birth
my voice is like the moaning of the wind among the trees
my breath is like the chilling and eternal northern breeze
a bird who gives a weary call of painful joy in song
the feet of children pushing all the gutter leaves along

I am one, I’m a hundred more
I am none, I’m part of the core
I am yours, and I belong
I am ours, I am right, I am wrong
I’m below, I’m high above
I’m within, I am hate, I am love
I am here, and I’m in pain
I am gone, and I relive it
again and again
and again and again

I will wish the wishing of the lost for evermore
and I will stand defying any man who draws his sword
my sense is all in ecstasy, my people know me well
my world does not include a choice of heaven or of hell
I’m in the heart of every living thing, it was my fate
try to deny it but by and by it will prove to carry weight

© 1986-2014 brent david fraser, all rights reserved


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