A Freedom, by #BDF

20 Jun

Without how you think of me, without how your opinion colors me, without the fears that are solely yours, without how they restrict me without the mask of horror in which you find my face, without the unrelenting consequences that I must endlessly pay, without the desk that your governing self sits at, without the wasted time that is required for grieving, without the useless principles that only serve to isolate yourself, without the shallow design that you call repair, without the soft jabs that you call UN-pointed, without the obligatory therapeutic absolution that you will acquiesce to on a Saturday morning, without the crimes that I have committed against you that I must wear stapled to my head, without the obvious self serving that is your reason and your constitution, without the generosity that is your resentment, without the grand sweeping summations of me that are unshakable, without the stick that is in my side, without the best of intentions that are always so proudly exhibited, I will be back to square one, hopefully more evolved than I was before, and left alone again to wonder at why I might even have tried to keep it all together for whatever good end… #BDF

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