On Vulnerability, from #JanneRobinson

20 Jun

“I knew that feeling… That feeling like we are imposing, unwanted, or taking up space when we open up to someone and don’t hear back immediately. Baring our souls is a lot like getting naked. And when we get naked, we usually expect people to look at us, at the very least. So, when no one notices our ballsiness and leaves us hanging, with it all hanging out—yeah that’s terrifying. It can feel like the person didn’t want to hear it and we did something we should be embarrassed or self conscious about. Throw on our trousers in a hurry and regret feeling brave earlier, as we feel foolish. I am open hearted, sensitive as sh*t … and when I was younger I would pour my heart and soul on late nights into text messages communicating it all—the joy, the sadness, the anger. My ability to communicate as strongly as I did made most run away with their tails between their legs. It’s only at [this age] that I am learning what an incredible strength and asset it is to be vulnerable, to communicate and to be transparent with the sensitivity that comes from living with a wide open chest. My sensitivity is my greatest strength, not a weakness.” –‪#‎JanneRobinson‬

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