About the Ended Fairytale

1 Nov

In response to the inquiring, rather than reply to each one, I offer an open statement to those who know me, or are acquainted with me, or sorta follow the happenings of my life as they appear and are curious about recent events in my life and the end of what seemed a fairytale dream; a version of love long sought and found:
A love of many years had endured in a special place in each of us, carried through the separate experiences of 15 years to eventually bring us back to one another. And though fate is in our favor when a bond is found as natural and effortless, it may not account for the outgrowths and transformation of time; in manner, habit, changing belief systems and shifting values, living desires, nor acquired fears.
For all the fired power of such an ancient and spiritual love, if met consistently enough by the service of fear, lack of awareness, defensiveness, blaming, distrust, or a host of other commonplace ego based traditions, the hold of it can be lost, the comprehension of its importance can be diminished. And its primacy as the original bonding material that created the union going in must remain the adherent coming through our challenges, or it is in peril. It requires a conscious willingness and sense of responsibility to that which is God given, from both, and a well directed faith that the power that brought us here will be the power to carry us through. If getting through is still the principle put before each personality, magical though they are. 
The Self and its masks can be a seductive tyrant. And that tyranny an apocalyptic train out. Ironically, eternal power and ancient beauty, timeless, in truth remain intact and unmarred after the deluge subsides, occupying their same safe place outside space and time. It’s still love out there. Unmovable. With the kindest intent as ever.

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