No fault

1 Nov

No one need be named “at fault”. No one is “the villain”. She is wonderful and has always been. I have immense admiration and respect for her motherhood, womanhood and beauty in and out. There are many years difference between where we started and here. Years shape us all differently to be still recognizable to each, but less in practice of serving the demands of a great and mystical fantasy. No one is wrong to have the desires they have, not me, nor she. They are just such that the dream could not withstand the stresses of reality, and sometimes it’s best for each to seek appropriate securities for survival and solace and those may not be located in the same place together. It is good, and right to want security and comfort for self and family. I will always be grateful for and cherish what grace gave us for a time. Until alas, our paths had other promise not in unity. God bless us all.

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