We Are Legend

9 Nov

I’m not going to get into how shocked I am, yeah, I’m shocked. I’m not going to be fatalistic about life now, because you know what?…. Not one thing that is important to me about “the future” is changed by this stunning election result. I’ve been more profoundly stunned by other things in life. The important things about my life remain where they are, offering golden opportunities to me, and I GET to continue trusting, serving and loving more and more the force that guides my actions according to deep loves, cares, kindness, self awareness, protectiveness, selflessness, and our collective growth. It’s still all about letting a greater life for everyone emerge from what’s been so terrifically stripped away to give me the toughest and most generous challenges, and the deepest discoveries about a better self being made for higher purposes. What’s important about my life according to what it calls me to do for it now doesn’t change a bit… “blood of my blood” and “bone of my bone” at its ancient, guiding heart. Teaching us what we have to give up, to learn what we truly have to give… discovering our greatest lessons. Creation and creative forces give me and everyone important in this bright existence practical tools to use in building it, to decorate it, paint It and furnish it in such a way to bring forth our finest work of art, with our poetry, song, moving pictures, new roles, transformed character arcs, and a most beautiful story of loss and learning, triumph and redemption, sacrifice and love… it’s being written one day at a time, to reveal “the ending” the Greater Creator had dearly intended for us all… for the honor of that beneficent force, and the idea that this LEGEND may be worthy and good enough to help others we will meet in their struggles and triumphs. – Je Suis Prest

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