She’s First and Last, for Scarlet

6 Dec

I float adrift, as is my pose, from birth

With masks I use to shield my heart from mother earth,

Her dangers and her pains, like choosing when she rains

A deep water self, a tidal flowing firth

I’ve kept one want, and not surrendered dreams

That haunting light that whispers with its beams

A love I tasted young, when my worn heart had me hung

With no objections but my silent screams

She’d been the one to know my mind like hers

While I was cultivating my cool curse

The tragic I held dear, for reasons made unclear

Each downfall like a cold coin in my purse

Sounds foolish, but I missed her held out heart

Almost from our first moments, from the start

Afraid of her warm power, her light could make me cower,

And, I only knew to hide mine and depart

For years rolled into more years, she kept place

Her mark on me has always gripped its space

Through journeys of the heart, in lives, we, worlds apart

Her essence always there, to trust and trace

So, as tables that will turn keep turning ‘round

As lost to her I was, I now am found

I’ve always said I’m free, the truth is I fear me;

I sang a King’s soul songs, dying, proudly crowned

She sought me out, from fire our union burst

Fast finished with our lesser loves lived first

To call upon our past, end separateness at last

As, finally, I was set to end my thirst

Sometimes universal magic hits a height

Surpassing all one ever thought it might

Unfolding deep held wants, or holiest of haunts

To realize old dreams brought back to light

I watch her face, her big brown eyes that smile

I feel her caring heart that does beguile

She kisses away my fear, to touch my need brought near

Our souls we wed, we finally walked the aisle

I’ll never leave her, never let her go

It’s something I don’t have to try to know

She’s in me, like my breath, and will be until death

My name was meant for me to her bestow

It’s only she that shakes these pledges free

Or makes this living valuable to me

I’m fortunate, I know, it’s always come to show

God’s magic is reserved for us to see

To our legend, our mystic law I give a smile

To greatness I’ll make home, as it’s my style

To love; command of His, be loved, that’s all there is

She’s first and last, and has been all the while

December 1, 2016 Copyright ©2016 brent david fraser, stratherrick publishers (ASCAP),

all rights reserved

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