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Our Thing

16 Apr

Seattle Center, built for the 1962 (?) World’s Fair, bears some common fixtures of early sixties culture. It has winding walkways and a huge mosaic amphitheater, abutting a rolling grassy field where the Bumbershoot festival is held in the summer time. It has miniature golf and rides. Everything was pretty much shut down at this late hour, so it was always the best place to find a good safe time tripping, in and over its labyrinth of features.
We were off to the center, which was close to Skoochie’s, where we knew we would end up anyway. We walked along Pine Street, down by Nordstrom, doing a circle around its whole block, giving a fair peep to each of the window mannequin displays, showing off new fashions for golf, tennis, all sports.
At each window we were taken with an unconscious and telepathic tendency to mimic the groups of mannequins, lining up like them, doing the same poses, shaping our bodies to illustrate golf swings or tennis serves and holding stiff for people honking and laughing as they drove by. After a short game of invisible basketball on the street, it was up to the Monorail track to sneak onto it and walk its length to the center. The Monorail was built for the world’s fair also, and was meant to take potential shoppers from the center to downtown to spend money, and then back to the center.
The impressive but ugly track looms along 5th avenue and stands as behemoth, imposing itself in the dark like a long armed ghoul over the long stretch of the avenue. It’s not okay with city authorities to walk on it, it isn’t legal, but no one ever noticed it being done, at least never within our immediate scope. Cops would drive right by below, scanning the streets for the infractions of inhabitants, never thinking to look above their heads.
I laugh now at what the silhouette of eight kids looked like, strolling along the track in the misty night, raven overcoats and makeup a fright, from that distance only emphasizing dark eyes and cheek bones, the scattered haze of rosy clouds over the waterfront laying our backdrop; the jagged skyline of the city holding us up like gremlins on the tips of spears, and the wet moon our lantern through the foreboding black.
Look down at the track, there’s paisley all over it. It’s all glossy.” Tom said, with his trip toothbrush in his mouth. We looked down and told him he was tripping, there was no paisley, but in the time it would take a computer processing bar to make its left to right journey, the suggestion went into our heads with all the other circumstantial input, was manipulated by the drugs and spit out to cover the cement structure of the track beneath our feet with glossy paisley shapes. “Hey, you’re right. Look it does have paisley on it. That’s neat.” We all said. We deliberately used “uncool” words like “neat”. It was part of “our thing”.

©2013 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

Hot Summer Night

10 Jan

loving the life on a hot summer night

dancing with my Jesse I know it’s alright

every night the hangout is a hell of a scene,

Jesse’s wearing those old blue jeans, oh yeah

And Danny and Tommy are looking at me

and we’re all feeling alright

Living and loving the life on a

hot summer night

Now the hangout is closing and it’s getting

we’ll take a ride in my delta eighty eight

told Jesse she couldn’t drink like a guy

that was a story she just wouldn’t buy, oh no

And Danny and Tommy are looking at me

wondering if she’ll be alright

living and loving the life on a

hot summer night

Well the circus is over and sleep’s setting in

we can’t wait ‘til the next night begins

we know it’s the same thing gay after day

but if we’re all haven’ fun, then isn’t that okay

Yeah Danny and Tommy are looking at me

and it’s all gonna be alright

Living and loving the life on a

hot summer night

March 24, 1986 Copyright 1986-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

Ode, To J.M. Burke

4 Jan

browsing through these pages I haven’t read in a while,

gazing at these pictures and most of them bring me a smile,

my own son was younger then and hooked up with a real good friend

we may as well have adopted him, what a long road the lesson has been

and I told those boys everything they’d listen to,

tried to show them every good thing that I ever knew,

I’m reading this book having a good long look at a lesson that just doesn’t end

and I might have learned just a thing or two from them

there’s a chapter on dreaming the big dreams and sticking it out,

and in there somewhere is a section covering trouble and doubt,

chapter on losing a love to a friend and problems with seeing it through,

somewhere the ink runs with teardrops and there’s a wedge between these two

and I told them a boy’s got to do what he’s got to do,

I always knew that the boys would somehow make it through,


so the story comes to this chapter and everyone’s better than fine,

as good as this book might have written itself up to this very line,

no sugar coated happy ending that’s not what the story’s about,

living the lesson in travel, in churches or bars they keep writing it out

and I told those boys of honor and to have respect,

and I told them that their dreams were nothing to neglect,

January 10, 1993 Copyright 1993-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

A Highland Heart

25 Mar

In birth I felt the grip of those before me,
Their Highland valor beating in my chest,
If ever I would wonder where is for me,
In dreams I glimpsed the glens ‘round Inverness.

In life I’ve passed my rites’ initiations,
Withstood tough trials that few could ever bear,
Had friends who’ve honored me, my name, and nation
Who were, in my darkest fight, my saving care.

In death I’ll be forgiven, I’ll have no pain,
As Fraser Ghosts come to me from Strathfarrar,
To lift me on a bed of plaid through Heaven’s rain,
Return to God my grateful Highland Heart – October 2002

©2002-2009 brent david fraser, all rights reservd

Megan’s Sister’s Friend (For Amy Maguire)

24 Jan

down in the southern and partly the western
music plays while Texas money talks
Megan’s sister has a friend who’ s candle light green eyes
can tell you every where she walks

one bare bulb and a bar booth table
too many beers and Elvis songs ago
Megan’s sister has a friend who’s smallish well worn hands
can hold you close as anyone you know

play my thoughts again awhile
say my thoughts and make me smile
and with the moon so near its end
say a prayer with Megan’s sister’s friend

a house called solace and circumstance
its dim lit warm and feminine blue gray
Megan’s sister has a friend who lives so well within
can show you to yourself this given day

she’s kid dreams and paper bags
she’s feed the cat and dress in rags
and with the moon so near its end
say a prayer with Megan’s sister’s friend

© 1989-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

Ode, To William Albert Burke

24 Jan

A young man stood as I passed there
And held a fist that we would wear
To symbolize young strength and might
And fearlessness of dark or light

A boy of will and self control
A boy afraid of growing old
Forgetful father figure still
That was the space that he would fill

I tagged along, a King within
Was pushed to let my life begin
And slowly, painfully did find
I nursed a vision in my mind

A blessed conflict tucked away
Would show itself one stormy day
And maybe we would have to part
So I could know my hardened heart

But blessed was this conflict still
It only lived in space we fill
And necessary, to this day
To help my heart find it’s own way

Two paths that intersect entwined
Only to one day just unwind
Forgetful boy, man, leader, fool
Has his own worlds of dreams to rule

So merrily and secretly
With solitude as company
My words, however beautifully,
Flow from my soul, to only me

But should I call upon my friend
His friendship seems without an end
A very good friend

© 1987-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

I Ask My Friend (For BB & JDM)

8 Dec

From the start the good times were plenty
From the start it was cool and we were kings
Near the end it was the same as any ending
Takes a while to talk about these things

An ace and a joker and a jack of hearts
Changing roles, switching parts, it began a masquerade of inner strength
I learned a lot that can’t be bought about this carousel
But did we set a limit and a length

Is the journey done
Has any body won
Are will and self control the only worthy toll
When waiting for the fall
Do we wait to see it all
Why does it have to end
I ask my long lost friends

In the middle comes a riddle in the story
On either side a customary hand
Turn to see the answer, get the glory
Turn again to find alone you stand

It’s sad but true the ending’s never pretty
Especially when carried on and on
But punctuation leaves me pretty empty
I anticipate the morning’s dawn

It was rules and regulations against saviors and salvations,
boys who wanted more from life than spit
Got tied up in tomorrow, laughter, booze and sorrow
But the happiness was just in getting it

Are there dreams enough for all of us to fit
Well another island wouldn’t hurt a bit
Alone inside my weary dreams to sit

©1986-2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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