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Do They Know

24 Nov

In the land of lonely exiled preachers
And all of the banished saints,
Where broken down in decadence
They register complaints
To all the hearing weary subjects
Whose minds are ever swayed

Desperation talks in time
To private nations and their kind
It told them all to lie and they obeyed

Do they know time, do they know love or is it hate?
How slyly hypnotized when free will is too late
And do they know, what do they know
And how do you know?

They gather in the mystic hills
to knock on heaven’s door
Riding out the pleasure sea
Just to writhe on a bloody shore
Who’s to say it’s Heaven when one man calls it hell
Who’s to say such ‘freedom’ won’t become a prison cell
To lock away those wishers by the well

Do they know dark delusion, or are they birds of light?
Do they indulge full lust in flesh and disregard what’s right
And do they know, what do they know
And how do you know?

May 8, 1987

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

My Mistake

24 Nov

Of hopes of dreams of friendships past
Of times that came to never last
If I assail, at least I’m safe
A loose and lonely armored waif

Its not to say my body’s tired
Protected by a hand that’s hired
To hold mine when I am betrayed
I’ve found they’ve left, I thought they’d stayed

May 3, 1987

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved


24 Nov

Light fragments of hollow framed night
Bird sits alone in drug like ecstasy
Sugar sense and caverns of existence
Killing, men placed in rows, across a mirror
Of the earth, too precise, too neat
Killers, snuffing out fragments of the frame, the life force
One by one, line by line, as if to cough
Through the barrel of a gun
The frame of light is gone
The darkness may, will, bleed to cover
The whole canvas

May 1, 1987

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved


24 Nov

I went out yesterday looking for ‘the way’ again
And spied the Devil laughing laying in his lions’ den
I heard the people crying while they waited for a King
To know the works of Heaven, to hear the choir sing

I started talking to some people cause I figured they must know
That lonely hope without true faith will make the coming slow
I sympathized with those who at their death became afraid
But I fell down in my judgment, and down is where I stayed

April 5, 1987

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

Scars Have Aged

24 Nov

A raging thief of time runs from the light
And hurries to the hills
Hustling days to sublimate the night
As smoothly his own soul he kills

Can any one be too far gone?
Gone from comfortably sane
Gone to all but ruins of
Crazed relentlessness in vain

Through the bars you see his eyes
The windows to his crystal pain
Unleashes rage and fear and lies
And rage and fear and lies remain

Twisted words, unknowing face
Speaks lion heart, the caged
The wounds he’s made will cause his death
Even if the scars have aged

March 1, 1987

©1986-2011 Stratherrick Publishers (ASCAP) all rights reserved

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