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Faith Is My Evidence

22 May

Sometimes you see no real Imageresults, for years, and you just keep plodding ahead, sometimes for lack of anything else to do, you just keep believing that forward action will create something one day, sometimes there is inspiration in the actions and thoughts and feelings, sometimes desperation, but you set aside feelings, and thoughts, and your actions bear the faith that is the only evidence of what will be… no, i haven’t gotten to the mountain top, but i can see it from here. -BDF

Fresh Air

21 Jan

I remember thinking that this stinking town would be the death of me,
isn’t that an old cliche, the cynics say
I wish I was joking, I’ve been choking, metaphorically,
I know so many ways to while away the day

my mind pollution’s left me bare, but i’ll keep fighting, i don’t care,
i’ll drink in your light, you’re everywhere, to me,
you’re a breath of fresh air, fresh air,
I bet I know you and you’re my breath of fresh air

out from under rubble, feeling double the man I was yesterday,
let’s run to the hills and see how naked we can be
I will play today again the way a boy does naturally,
and you can join me if you like the world I see

bridge: and all we have is time, to find the meaning,
the sublime, and I can’t promise you that I’d lasso the moon,
but I will promise you I’d try, I promise I would try…

© 2010 brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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