Sweet Smile

4 Jan

the light that is Roxana shined on the lonely face

of an old man being beaten by his past

the brightness in her manner, her beauty and her grace

brought a young man back to life again at last

oh lord how she shined upon me

I’ve been waiting all my life to breathe her in

please Roxana I’ll move mountains to the sun and back

if only to see your sweet smile again

to see your sweet smile again

where would it end would it be all we can imagine

in our lives, our one true place to be

and in the chapter where the slipper fits, well there it sits

her bare and brightened soul comes through to me


bridge: my flesh is new in places where she touched me

my clever mind can find so many ways to kill me

the lies, the faults, loser’s fear and my addiction

I’ll throw them all away a better life is my prediction

if she’ll let me make her happy

I will do it gratefully…

chorus out

May 16, 1996 Copyright 1996-2010, brent david fraser, all rights reserved

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